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Welcome to the Oregon Tug of War website.

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Oregon Ladies presenting Kristi Thompson award 200
Award is given to team member(s) who portray the qualities of a true teammate.

520k Monticello tournament
1st place

In creating this site we are hoping to increase our interest in our unique sport.
We are a club based out of Oregon Wisconsin. We currently have a women's team and are actively recruiting new members for a mens team. We were founded in 1970. At that time we had just the men's team. In 1977 the team expanded to include the women. 
We celebrated our 25th year in 2002. 

We are rich in history as a club. Check us out! 

Oregon Women Win Bronze Medal at World Championships in Rochester MN September 3, 2004!
The Oregon women pulled to medal finish in the 560 kilo division.

Oregon Women's Tug of War Team
Bronze medal winning team. World Championships Rochester MN 2004

We joined forces with 2 Dutch Women and a Swiss girl.  We started off slow in the open 520k and we knew by Friday morning of the competition we were going to be a force to reckon with.  We lost only two ends prior to the medal round.  In the medal round we lost to the Swedish girls in times of 3:15 and 1:22.  We were then placed against the English Army team which we defeated in equal times of 1:01 to win the bronze medal.
Our tug of War season was complete.  .