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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pull over a mud puddle?
No we pull on sod.  The style is the International Tug of War standard way of pulling.
How many on a team?
We have 8 members on the rope for each weight class.
What kind of shoes do you use?
We use a boot with flat leather sole.  The heel is approx 2 inches high.  The boot should be relatively stiff with good support for the ankle.
Does rope pulling cost a lot to participate in?
No, unless you want to travel to world competetions.  We raise our own funds for aiding individuals in this quest.  The yearly fees to the team is minimal.  No more than what you pay to play any sport.
Do you train outside of Tug of War practise?
Yes, we all do some cross training.  A person needs to be fit to compete well.
How much does a team weigh?  And do you weigh individually?
A team to compete in the womens catergory must weigh under 520 Kilos or 1144 lbs for 8 girls.  The other weight that we pull is the 560 kilos which is 1232 for 8 women.  We all weigh as a  team.  As you get familar with your team everyone knows what each other weighs.  If there is a substitution the individual must weigh less the person that they are replacing.  The coach always knows.
If you have a question please email us at shelbytow@msn.com   

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