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Women's Team Award

Kristi Thompson Memorial
The Kristi Thompson Memorial is awarded annually to one of the Women on the Women's team.
The Kristi Thompson award is based on the following criteria:
enthusiasm for the sport of Tug of War, Dedication to the sport and to the team and finally being a friend to your teammates.
The award is selected by the athletes to be awarded to one of their teammates.  An athlete may win the award only once in their pulling career.
The criteria in which the award is based is all the qualities in which Kristi posessed.  She was a member of the club from 1977 to 1981 and was tragically taken from us right before the 1982 season.  The club decided in memory of our friend that a memorial would be awarded each year to one deserving teammate who posesses the qualities of Kristi.  In hopes we may always remember first why we are teammates and to encourage idea of teamwork.  
The following individuals have won the award:
Shelby Humberg Richardson    1982
Ronnie Carey                          1983
Joni Bethel                            1984
Alice Sandlan                         1985
Helen Lucas Hanna
Lori Dailey Hagen
Mollie Christensen
Carla Patterson                      1986
Tari Christensen Hale             1987
Tammy Anderson                    1988
Diane Donahue Kalscheur        1990
Mary Jo Minter                    1991
Deb Swenson Davidson           1992
Dena Kuebli                           1994
Carrie Mainquist                    1997
Lauren Scott                          1998
Misty Davis                           1999
Amy Bruescher                       2000
Linda Barry                           2002
Katie Legler                          2004

Amy Breuscher receives Kristi Thompson Award 2000

Linda Barry receives Kristi Thompson Award from Kristi's Family 6/29/2002.

Erin wins Kristi Thompson Award

Doug Campbell award
The United States Amateur Tug of War Assoc awards a womens club with the honor of the Doug Campbell Award each year at Nationals.
The award is in memory of Doug Campbell former treasurer of the National Assoc.  
The award is based on good sportsmanship and protraying good team work as a club.
The Oregon women has won the award many times since its inception in 1988.