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Southwestern Women's Pool League
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Team Rosters 2006-2007

Anchor Club I Anchor Club II Level Eight Night Owl I Night Owl II
Leanne Hardy Stacey Hardy Sarah Laufenberg Michelle Dienberg Cheyann Sherwood
Shelby Richardson Trina Olsen Laura Brown Jenny Wethal Sarah Frank
Kelly Steensland Jenny Perkins Renee Kinney Amber Golz Sara Bahnsen
Rita Stone Becky Peach Trudy Cloud
Kathy Hildgendorf
Sally Myrland
Pete's Inn Sugar River Lanes Union I Union II White Rock I
Kelly Nobs Debbie Neath Angie Wienke Penny Lund Kathy Casad
Brenda Heisz Virginia Neath Kelly Butts Sue Reese Cindy Owen
Rochelle Steine Cameron Lewis Carmen McIntyre Linda Lund Brenda Ruhland
Jennifer Milz
White Rock II
Vicki Wethal
Deb Delk
Kristi Adtkins
Sandy Cloud

Scores are to be emailed by home team captain by Saturday following Tuesdays match.  Please send to the opposing captain also.
Questions?  Please contact either Stacey Hardy at  (608.275.7850)
Vicki Wethal at (608.275.4660)