Southwestern Women's Pool League
Team Rosters


Team Rosters
Southwestern Women's Pool League Schedule 2002-2003
Photos past and present
Individual pool shooter standings
Individual Pool Shooter Standings as of October 29, 2002
Standings Oct.1 2002
Standings Oct. 8 2002
Standings Oct 15, 2002
Standings Oct 22, 2002
Standings October 29, 2002
Standings November 5, 2002

Southwestern Women's Pool League
Roster 2002-2003
1. Anchor Club I     455.2302
Captain Leanne Hardy 455.4993  Kelly Steensland  Shelby Richardson   Rita Stone  
sub - Helen Hanna
2. Anchor Club II   455.2302
Captain  Marcia Hanson 455.1635  Kristi Normington  Charlotte Wendt 
subs- Kathy Hilgendorf (AC 2 only)  Marilea Groves
3. Main Tap I    835.3330
Captain Heidi Moe 839.8780 Dawn Copus
4. Main Tap II   835.3330
Captain Jeanine Paulus 873.5413  Anjie Wunschel  Vicki Sersch
Subs- Deb Richardson  Julie Seffrod   Bonnie Richardson
5. Night Owl I   882.9973
Captain  Jeanette Bormette  219.4687  Sarah Frank  Darlyn Hoare
6. Night Owl II  882.9973
Captain  Joanna Ace  882.4858  Denise Dienberg  Shannon Kirby
Subs- Michelle Dienberg   Kim Dienberg
7.Oregon Bowl  835.3133
Captain Kathy Casad 835.8320  Lindi Judd  Dani Poppe
8. Paoli Pub  845.8100
Captain Lisa Ace  424.1701  Cameron Lewis   Sue Johnson
Subs-  Patti Ace   Deb Bollig   Shelly Gensmer
9. Union I  882.9931
Captain Jennifer Milz  882.3959  Jeannie Selvaag  Angie Wienke 
Subs-  Kathryn Wilke
10. Union II  882.9931
Captain Linda Lund  455-7453    Penny Lund    Gin Gronli 
Subs- Tyna Brewer
11.  White Rock I  455.1045
Captain Sue Noyce  Trudy Cloud  Tami Noyce
Subs- Tracie Kluever  Juli White (WR 1 only)
12. White Rock II  455.1045
Captain Bev Moore  873.0859  Deb Delk    Vicki Wethal
Subs-  Sandy Cloud  Jan Berry ( WR team only)
13. Wize Guys  424.1759
Captain Debbie Neath  424.6118   Virginia Neath 
Karla Baumgartner
Subs- Patti Ace   Debbie Bollig
Dani Poppe 212.5250