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Welcome to the Oregon Tug of War website.

In creating this site we are hoping to increase our interest in our unique sport.
We are a club based out of Oregon Wisconsin. We currently have a women's team and are actively recruiting new members for a mens team. We were founded in 1970. At that time we had just the men's team. In 1977 the team expanded to include the women. 
We celebrated our 25th year in 2002. 
We recruited 3 new pullers this past year and we are expecting big things from these 3 new girls. Look for the club to continue to add to it's history.

We are rich in history as a club. Check us out! 

USA Women win a Bronze medal!!!
The USA women won a Bronze medal in the 520K closed class in the World Championships held Sept.27, 2002 in Pretoria South Africa.
Members of the Oregon team representing the USA:
Katie Legler, Linda Barry, Tracy Storch, Shelby Richardson
Dick Richardson.  Team tourist: Joel Larson.  Joel has now been voted best traveller 2 world championships in a row!

USA Women's Tug of War Team
Bronze medal winning team. World Championships South Africa 20022


Our team in competiton
I soon will be adding all the tales of the trip to South Africa.  To be brief I will tell you it was the trip of a lifetime.  If you ever get the chance to go to South Africa do it! 
Winning a medal and accomplishing our goal was just part of a great trip.  We enjoyed wonderful hospitality and the country was interesting and beautiful.  Near Cape Town was like I had never seen before.
Our tug of War season was complete.  More when I collect all my thoughts on this trip.