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Evansville High School Class of 1974 Reunion



Greeting Members of the Class of 74!
Hard to believe that 30 years has (almost) passed since we walked across the stage to recieve our dipolmas.
It is true!
In celebration of our momentous event the class reunion committee is putting together a reunion second to none.  But we need your help.
We are giving a couple different options and asking our classmates to chose.
The date is JUNE 26, 2004.  That date is concrete.
Option 1.  Pig roast late afternoon and bonfire that night with a DJ.  We have a couple different locations in mind.
Option 2.  Dinner and Dancing at Evansville Golf Course.  Date is reserved at the Club.  We can always cancel.
Option 3.  Dinner and Dancing at a local hotel.  Either Janesville or Madison.  Mrs. Janus told us we must never go any further on our first date than Madison or Janesville.
Each of these options could include golf or visiting in the afternoon for those of interested.  This would be of your own organizing.
Another option that could go with all of the above is a Sunday afternoon picnic at beautiful Lake Leota park.
We are asking for feedback from all of you.  We are mailing this by snail mail and also trying to contact all of our email contacts. Hopefully to save on postage.  Please let us know if you are willing to share your email with others.  We would like to include as many as we can in our 2004 yearbook.
We also are putting together a 30 year reunion booklet.  We hope to include past and present photos.  Be prepared to share your photos.  We hope to sell this to our classmates.  We would like the proceeds to fund the next reunions and also set up a fund for the High School.  Any ideas or help on this would be greatly appreciated.
If you have any photos that you would like to share from high school, please contact me and I can add to our website.
Please contact present committee members.
Shelby Humberg Richardson
Cheryl Phillips Trow
Cindi Whitmore Runaas
Laura Leopold Pehler  608.835.7552
Please send us your inpute!
Hope to hear from you soon!